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Currently, in order to automate the weighing process and eliminate the risk of finished bottles lacking external weight, enterprises have been applying a check-balancing system for the purpose of optimizing and increasing efficient in production line. Today, VULETECH will learn with you about the solution to balance product types – checkweigher.

I. What is a checkweigher?

Checkweigher machine  used to check the weight of the product on the conveyor belt to detect the wrong product and remove the defective product.

II. Structure of checkweigher machine:

1. Drawing of checkweigher machine:

Accordingly, this system includes:

  • Control cabinet
  • Load cells
  • Conveyor system: conveyor to weigh, weigh conveyor, reject conveyor, conveyor containing rejected bins
  • Door cover
  • Cylinder barrel type.

2. Specifications of checkweigher machine:

Power source voltage used 1P 220VAC 50Hz
Control supply voltage 24VDC
Compressed air source 6 Bar
Maximum speed of 1 chain 15 thùng/phút
Product weight 500g- 6000g
Operating time 21 ca/tuần, 51 tuần/năm

3. Mechanism of action:

  • Before the box is put on the weighing conveyor, it will pass through the conveyor with a barcode camera used to check the type of box prepared through the scale, the barcode data is sent to the software on the PC for processing and comparison with the measured weight value. stored in the computer database.
  • After the bin passes through the weighing conveyor, it will be rejected if the bin does not reach the weight, this is done on the conveyor behind the weighing conveyor using the cylinder to push the faulty box.
  • All products are recorded and saved by the system on the computer, automatically reporting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Product videos:

4. Advantages of checkweigher

Increased accuracy

The main benefit of using a checkweigher scale is savings. The ability to manufacture a product with the correct weight leads to profit savings as no material is wasted and the process does not need to be repeated. In many cases, these weights are so important that they determine whether a plant is profitable or not.

Product quality assurance

The weight of a product is one of the important criteria measured during quality control, whether it is consumable goods or auto parts. Being able to take an accurate measurement that is quickly sent to a PC for statistical analysis is one of the key functions of quality control.

Meet regulatory requirements

Using a checkweigher helps to ensure the accuracy of the weight. This is especially important for companies that sell products at the retail level that have product weight on the package. Each state in the US has a different regulatory agency responsible for checking the weight of products. If the product is overweight or underweight, the agency can fine the manufacturer.
Provides accurate data for better process management

Checkweighers can be an important part of the quality control process. Weighing ingredients, recipes, and finished products give management the opportunity to check on all aspects of the manufacturing process. They can determine which parts are running well and which need improvement.

Productivity tracking

Some systems can also monitor operator output. This provides management with information about who took the measurement, when the measurement was taken, when they started and when they finished. The system provides useful data and information that enables businesses to improve their productivity and processes.

III. Where can I buy a checkweigher?

VULETECH specializes in providing solutions for checkweigher machines. For more detailed information, please contact:

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