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WSPA-FRT . Temperature Transmitter

Temperature Transmitter – RTD

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・DC signal output converter proportional to Pt100Ω / JPt100Ω / Ni508.4Ω RTD signal
・This digital type converter has an onboard CPU. Input/output ranges and operations can be configured using a special setup software tool

・Easy maintenance by plug structure
・5 years warranty with long life design

Input Temperature (Pt100Ω / JPt100Ω / Ni508.4Ω RTD)
Output DC voltage/ DC current
Power AC100 ~ 240V
DC100 ~ 120V
Response time (0 → 90%) 180ms
Dielectric strength AC2000V
Weight 150g. approx
Standards & Approvals EN61326-1
Size (HWD) 84 × 29,5 × 106,5mm
Operating temperating/ humidity -5 ~ + 55 ℃ Lower limit 90% RH
Technical information Unavailable
Instruction book Unavailable
Drawing Drawing_WSPA
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