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As the industrial wave 4.0 is happening, every business is looking for more productivity with less manpower. Today’s competitive production environment demands increased productivity, optimized manpower and reduced working time. Therefore, today VULETECH will introduce an integrated system: automatic cartoning machine (CASE PACKER) to help optimize and automate production lines.

I. Máy vô thùng Case Packer là gì?

Case Packer – is a machine for the packaging process that is commonly used in many industries today such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronic equipment, consumer goods, etc. The Case Packer machine makes the packing process easy and convenient, saves time and labor, and ensures the quality of the goods inside the carton.

Case Packer is a product packaging machine that can be used for fast-moving consumer goods such as fabric softener, shampoo, conditioner, etc.

II. Cấu tạo máy vô thùng Case Packer

1. Structure:

The machine uses HMI screen to help connect operator and machine equipment. Equipment with top quality imported directly from Japan.

2. Specifications of Case Packer automatic cartoning machine

Power source voltage used 3P 380VAC 50Hz
Control supply voltage 24VDC
Compressed air source 4Bar
Maximum speed of a chain 2-3 barrels/minute

3. Video of the Case Packer machine completed by Vuletech

4. Advantages of Case Packer

Working time with high productivity: 21 shifts/week, 51 weeks/year
Automating the cartoning process
Helps eliminate problems, such as foreign objects falling in or incorrect packing quantities
Accurately crate mass-produced products.

III. Liên hệ VULETECH để biết thêm thông tin về máy vô thùng Case Packer

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